Red White & You Artist: Vocals - Rachel Williams and Michael Barrineau; back-up vocals Darryl Lee O’Donnell; Drums & rainstick – Wayne Killus; Bass – Kevin Grant; Acoustic guitar – Mike Noble; Piano – Jim Brown; Electric guitar – Chris Leuzinger; Steel – Mike Daly; Fiddle – Joe Spivey; Music by: Doug Brzak Website: Reviewer: Bill McDonald – President of the MWSA A Flag Waving Foot Tapping Tribute! This CD opens strongly with a pulsating country beat coming from the drummer and bass player that sets up a musical foundation that is layered by powerful electric, acoustic and steel guitar rifts. “Red, White & You!" is a CD that has high energy, style and lots of class; but more importantly, it will capture the heart of any patriot, who is not ashamed to wave a flag and bleed red, white and blue in support our troops; it will entertain, as well as inspire you. Doug Brzak has written the words and music for this 5 set CD. His lyrics could proudly stand alone as great emotional poetry but when combined with the musical score they become so much greater. It cuts to the heart and the soul. It is a real tribute to our troops and the those who have served. The singers add the final touch; both Michael Barrineau and Rachel Williams are the frosting on the musical cake! Michael's voice is as good as it comes, but when Rachel adds her voice to the song “This Mama’s Son” it sends shivers up your spine and wetness to your eyes! This is one great music CD. It would make a great gift for anyone who has a family member in the service. It is a honorable tribute that is also a pleasure to listen to. It is a CD that bears listening to dozens of times. It is that good! I loved it and personally recommend it to others! This is a FIVE STAR CD!” - Bill Mc Donald

Military Writers Society of America

Hello Doug: My son is a US Marine and has just been deployed for the 2nd time. He is stationed out of XXXXXXXXXXXXXX I want to take this time to thank you from the deepest of my heart on behalf of my son for the wonderful lyrics and much that you have written for our men, mother and family members. Thanks a million and many god bless you the same way he has blessed our men and have brought them back safe and sound. We now await for the safe return of our men that have recently deployed. Very Proud MARINE MOM,”
hello doug, my son's a u.s. marine that just returned home from iraq, after 8 month's there, and he wants to go back ,, because he feels it was the right thing and he's a proud marine. your music makes a mother of a marine feel great, keep up the good work, and god bless you and godspeed to our troops. my sons name is lance. cpl joseph”
Wow!!! Your song is so touching to my heart. You are going to make a hit with it I am sure. Thank you for support our Armed Forces with this tribute. My son will be 21 on Sept 1, and will be heading to Iraq once again on his second deployment. Very frightening for us all! God Bless you for your heartfelt tribute to our Armed Forces and the USA. Semper Fi, Proud Marine Mom of Lcpl Cap”