I am a former special education teacher, 31 years in the Detroit Metro area. I retired in June of 2010 and currently reside in Farmington Hills, Michigan. The songs on this cd, RED, WHITE & YOU, were all written NOT to glorify war in any way, but to honor and pay tribute to members of our Armed Forces, their family and friends. A life-long fan of traditional country music, I started writing songs in 2003. The motivation behind my writing was first to pay tribute to my hero and brother, Ronald James Fitch. FROGS DIDN'T HAVE GUNS is the story of two kids, Ron and John, who were friends before and throughout high school. They were both killed while serving our country in Viet Nam, the year was 1967. Thank you! Doug Brzak www.dougbrzak.com Cell 248-202-6579 Home 248-855-2509 THANKS TO HIM I CAN THIS MAMA'S SON FROG'S DIDN'T HAVE GUNS THE RED, WHITE AND YOU SOMETIMES HEROES DIE Stories behind the songs: I was visiting a friend who was in the hospital and watched the Oprah Winfrey show with her. Oprah's guests that day were relatives of service men who had recently been killed during military action abroad. The relatives were sharing the very last letter their loved ones had sent. I got the idea that night for THANKS TO HIM I CAN. My friends Kathy and Ron twice watched sons march off into the unknown, as both were deployed for service in Iraq as members of the United States Armed Forces. THIS MAMA'S SON was written as a tribute to Kathy and the thousands of other mothers who have bravely faced this ordeal. I was five years younger than my brother Ron when we were growing up in Michigan. I remember him going to John's farm on more than one occasion to hunt frogs and play army. I was always relieved each time he returned, frogless, as my mom always threatened to make frog legs and toast for a family meal. Ron and John attended high school together in St. Johns, Michigan, graduating in the class of 1965. The fun and games were over, they were both killed in Viet Nam, 1967. I miss them both! FROGS DIDN'T HAVE GUNS is their story. The RED, WHITE & YOU was written to honor the thousands of reservists who have volunteered to serve our great nation here at home and abroad. They have left friends and family behind, many today remain in harm's way. Their service and sacrifice ends forever the myth that they are, or ever were, "JUST A WEEKEND WARRIOR!" Lori Piestewa and Jessica Lynch became the best of friends while serving together as members of the 507th Maintenance Company, stationed at Fort Bliss, Texas. They were deployed to Iraq and during the early stages of the war, their Company was ambushed on March 23, 2003, near the city of Nasiriyah. Jessica received life-threatening injuries and spent about a week in an Iraqui hospital before she was rescued by American soldiers. Lori was killed in the attack. Lori was a member of the Hopi Tribe and a single mother of two. She was the first woman soldier killed during the war in Iraq and believed to be the first American Indian woman to ever die while fighting for the United States' military. SOMETIMES HEROES DIE was written to keep the memory of her service and sacrifice alive. Thank you Lori!